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December 13, 2023
photoboothrental Houston, TX

If you’re looking for photo booth rentals near me Houston, TX, Teziti Photo Booth Rentals has exactly what you want. We may not know what you’re currently looking for, but there’s a high chance that our selection of photo templates, backdrops, and other details includes what you want for your event. We’re the #1 photo booth rental service in the Houston area. Get in touch with our team today and see what our photo booths have to offer.

Photo Booth Rentals Near Me Houston, TX

Find the photo booth rentals near me that you wanted when you call us.

What’s the point of renting a photo booth?
Renting a photo booth can bring several benefits to your event:

  1. Entertainment value
  2. Easy way to create memories
  3. Guest entertainment and engagement
  4. Customization and branding for event organizers
  5. Wedding and event favors

When you want to add a touch of excitement and fun to your event, a photo booth is the way to go. Get started by checking out what Teziti Photo Booth Rentals offers you and your future guests.

Other than taking photos, what else does a photo booth offer to the party?
Our rental photo booths also come with great additional options that can make your event’s photos unique and memorable:

  1. GIF and Boomerang: Our photo booths let you make videos like Boomerangs and animated GIFs. This gives the picture booth experience something new and fun.
  2. Pretty backdrops and flower walls: One great thing about our photo booth rentals near me is our own selection of flower wall backdrops. You can change these flower walls to match the event’s color scheme or theme, and they make a beautiful background for photos.
  3. Integration with social media: Our photo booths let you share images and photos right away on Facebook, Instagram, or your social media platform. This allows your guests to interact with the event online, which spreads the word about the event or business.

If you’re ready to take your event’s photo fun to the next level, Teziti Photo Booth Rentals has photo booth rentals near me that you should try. We provide free quotes so you can see how well our services fit your event’s budget. Call our team today to learn more about the availability of our photo booth rentals near me. Don’t forget to check out our partners as well.

The Full Extent of Our Photo Booth Rentals Near Me Houston, TX

Tezitit Photo Booth Rentals provides our clients with a full all-in-one package that will ensure the photo corner of your event runs smoothly and provides your guests with everything you asked for. Running or hosting an event is already stressful enough. We’ll ensure our part of your event is stress and worry-free, so you have one less thing to scramble about.

Photo Booth Rentals Near Me Houston, TX

Our photo booth rentals near me Houston, TX are the best you’ll find for your event.

How to make your life and event a little easier. Step 1: we’ll take care of setting up the photo booth and breaking it down before and after your event. Step 2: you can reach us via text or email, whichever is more convenient. In Step 3, we have a convenient 24/7 customer portal that you can use to manage your photo booth rentals near me.

Our photo booths have state-of-the-art cameras, studio-quality lighting, and other advanced features. You can choose to allow your guests to take photos, create GIFs, or boomerang a video with the photo booth’s excellent camera. We even have a 360-video booth that will allow you to take short videos from any angle.

As we mentioned before, after you take a photo, you can print it out as a keepsake or immediately upload it to your social media. We provide unlimited prints, so feel free to take all the photos you want until you and your party are satisfied. If you opt for your guests to be able to print their photos, we also have fully customizable photo templates that you can tailor to your event. Whether you add a logo, a date, names, or other details to the print, it’s up to you.

What type of events do we bring our photo booth rentals near me to?
Photo booths are versatile and are great for a wide range of events and special occasions. Some events we’ve brought our photo booth rentals near me include birthday parties, graduations, proms, holiday parties, weddings, and corporate events. Photo booths are a great way for your guests to make memories, making them a great addition to any special occasion.

Choose Your Backdrop: The Background of All of Your Photos

Every great photo has several details that make it look beautiful: the main focus or subject, phenomenal lighting, and a backdrop that highlights and enhances the main focus of the photo. Luckily, Teziti Photo Booth Rentals has several options for your backdrops. However, we highly recommend choosing our flower walls.

We have four flower walls that can make beautiful and elegant backdrops for all of your photos. Choose between our Margarita, Coco, Cutie, and Rosita flower walls. Each has a different set of flowers and colors that make them fit a great number of events and occasions. Of course, if you’re looking for something else, we also have other options that will further enhance your photos.

For example, we also have a Glam service that allows you and your guests to take black and white photos. It comes with a sleek white backdrop that creates an atmosphere straight out of a classic Hollywood movie. Not to mention, all of our photo booth rentals near me also come with various props, such as feathered boas, hats, masks, or other accessories.

Photo Booth Rentals Near Me Houston, TX

Our photo booth rentals near me can give your guests lasting memories.

Step Up Your Event’s Photos

Check out our portfolio to see examples of some of the events we’ve been to. Call today to learn more about how our photo booths can enliven the party. We’re based right there in the heart of Houston, so we can bring our photo booths anywhere in Houston and the surrounding area. The quality of our photos and customer service are evidence enough of our photo booth rentals near me.

Houston, Texas Fun Facts:

  • Houston is also called Space City.
  • It’s home to NASA Mission Control and the Johnson Space Center.
  • The first word spoken on the Moon was “Houston.”