Custom Photo Backdrops | Houston, TX

January 26, 2024

Custom photo backdrops Houston, TX are what we do best at Teziti Photo Booth Rentals. We can turn any event into a fun, extra-special one.

As technology changes, so does how people want to record and keep memories. Hiring a picture booth can make your event more fun, whether it’s a wedding, a business party, or a family get-together. To get inspired, take a look at our portfolio.

custom photo backdrops Houston, TX

Use custom photo backdrops from us to elevate your event.

What Kind of Custom Photo Backdrops Houston, TX Do We Offer?

We are very creative regarding custom photo backdrops in the Greater Houston area. Our photo booths aren’t just for taking pictures; they’re also for making an experience that people can really get into and participate with. Our very talented artists will work with you to capture the spirit of your event and make a backdrop that will draw people in and keep them interested.

One-of-a-Kind Themes and New Designs

We love making ideas come true here at Teziti Photo Booth Rentals. We have a lot of different patterns, from retro styles to futuristic ideas, so we can meet everyone’s needs. We are always coming up with new ideas and looking into unique ways to make your photo booth experience stand out.

But we’re not just creative and flexible when it comes to how things look. We include a variety of props with every photo booth hire, from classic mustaches and big glasses to funny signs and feather boas. Our goal is for your pictures to be as unique and special as your event.

More on Our Custom Photo Backdrops!

Flower walls can make any event look rich, romantic, and great for photos. Here at Teziti, we’re experts at making unique flower walls that are beautiful and stand out as main attractions. Our team will make your vision come to life, whether you want a springtime look with bright and colorful flowers or a minimalist look with stylish one-color flower arrangements. We will create an unforgettable atmosphere that guests will want to use for selfies, group photos, or personal photoshoots.

Photo booths aren’t just a trendy thing to do these days; they’re a must-have for any event. Our photo booths are made to be fun and easy to use, and they have high-tech features that make sure the pictures are the best they can be.

Our photo booths are guaranteed to be fun and interactive, with a wide range of custom-designed backdrops, silly props, and quick printouts. We combine imagination, innovation, and excellent customer service to ensure that the photo booth is the hit of your event and gives your guests unique keepsakes they will love.

Our 360 video booths are more fun and interactive than regular photo booths because they record video instead of still images. It records your guests in stunning slow-motion movies from all sides, giving them a three-dimensional experience that will captivate them. The 360 video box records your guests as they act and gives you a fresh view that you can’t get with regular cameras or phones.

Excellent Quality and Customer Service

Quality is something we can’t do without. We buy the newest photo booth technology so you can get high-resolution pictures and copies immediately. Also, our booths have touch screens, which makes the experience smooth. We also offer an online gallery where you can easily find your photos after the event.

We know how stressful it can be to plan an event, so our customer service is made to be as flexible and helpful as possible. We have people on hand to help you from the time you plan your event until it’s over. Our on-site staff will help your guests have a fun and easy time with the photo booth.

custom photo backdrops Houston, TX

Give your guests a night to remember with our custom photo backdrops.

Why Is Renting A Phone Booth Recommended?

There are more perks to renting a photo booth than just having fun. When we make custom photo backdrops Houston, TX, we make a place where people can meet, talk, and make memories.

The picture booth breaks the ice, starts conversations, and gives your guests a way to remember the event. Photos from a photo booth have a charm that professional photographers don’t always capture: they show real, unfiltered moments filled with real feelings.

They also give guests unique, physical souvenirs to take home and treasure. In this digital world, real photos are a bit sentimental and bring back memories. Also, they work well as promotional things for business events.

How Do We Set Up A Photo Booth?

When we make unique photo backdrops at Teziti Photo Booth Rentals, we make sure that our clients are happy every step of the way.

Take a closer look at how we turn an idea into a photo booth event that people will never forget:

  • Consultation: When you contact us, we start a consultation process to learn about your goals, the type of event, and your ideas for the photo booth.
  • Designs: The creative team will develop several designs based on what you tell them and your feedback. Once you choose a background design, we ensure it goes well with the theme and mood of your event.
  • Creation: Once you give your approval, we’ll start making your unique photo booth backdrop. We pay close attention to the little things and the quality of our work, thinking about everything that can make your photo booth experience better.
  • Installation: Our skilled staff shows up early on the day of your event to set up the photo booth. We make sure that the booth is not only nice to look at but also easy to use.
  • Day of the Event: A member of our team will stay at your event to help people use the photo booth. This will make sure that your friends have a smooth and fun time at the photo booth.
  • Service After the Event: All the pictures are put online after the event so that guests can view and download them for free. We also offer printed copies your guests will love taking home as souvenirs.

We make sure there is open and regular contact throughout the process. We don’t just give a service to our clients; we build relationships with them. We at Teziti are dedicated to giving you the best services possible to make your event stand out.

custom photo backdrops Houston, TX

Transform your photos today with our custom photo backdrops!

Get Our Custom Photo Backdrops Today!

When you rent a photo booth from Teziti Photo Booth Rentals, you can be sure that the event will be fun, involved, and stress-free. With our knowledge and dedication to quality, we want to go above and beyond your goals and give you and your guests experiences they will never forget.

At Teziti, we don’t just record moments; we make them happen. Contact us right away or visit our blog to learn more, and let’s make some memories that will last a lifetime!

Fun Facts About Houston, TX:

  • In Houston, people speak more than 145 different languages.
  • NASA’s Johnson Space Center is in Houston.
  • The city has a 17-block area in the middle of Downtown Houston called Theater District.